Our Lady of Guadalupe

We went to La Crosse, WI last weekend for a family wedding and, while there, visited a relatively new (c.a. 2004) shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Very pretty and moving facility. Below are a couple of images I created using the new Microsoft Photosynth app.

The first is of the initial walk into the grounds (just past the visitor center) to a stunning votive candle chapel:

Votive Candle Chapel-MOTHER OF GOOD COUNSEL by khavalier on Photosynth

Stained-glass windows depict various apparitions and titles of Our Lady.  The candle rack inside the chapel measures 14 feet high and 12 feet wide and contains 576 candles that pilgrims can request to be lit for periods of weeks, months or years. The interior of the chapel is porcelain tile manufactured in Italy. Stained glass windows are from Winona, Minnesota. The exterior of the chapel is comprised of a blend of both field and cut limestone. The spire is copper and was custom designed for this chapel.

The second is a 360 view of a statue within the Shrine to the Unborn. A statue depicts Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Unborn, cradling three babies in her arms.

Mother of the Unborn by khavalier on Photosynth

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