State of Independence


We’re taking Linda, Avery and Teya around historic Philadelphia. It has been a while since I’ve been down here and the new exhibit on the site of the president’s house, next to the Liberty Bell is pretty cool.

This area always makes me reflect on what it would have been like to live here then without all the distractions of modern life. The American Philosophical Society was founded in 1743. Can you imagine living in a “new world” and thinking, ‘hey, what we need is a philosophical society’?

As other countries struggle to find their own path to liberty I only hope we don’t lose our own way.

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Fun Week at Little York

We’re coming to the end of a fun week at Little York. The week was filled with family gatherings, fireworks and cookouts.

Highlights included the annual Timmerman Family Golf Tournament








Fireworks at Little York on the 3rd followed by the annual Boat Parade on the 4th with Sam and Wendy’s holiday picnic










We had gorgeous weather most of the week, with a little rain on the 3rd and on 7th, but not enough to impact our holiday. And while it was hot back in Philly, it was much cooler here as we relaxed under the full moon by our campfire.

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Toronto, not Melbourne


Toronto, not Melbourne

Well, we thought by now we would be on approach to Sydney and then connecting to Melbourne. Unfortunately, yesterday did not go so well.

We got to the airport on time but, instead of jumping up to Toronto and having a nice leisurely dinner before boarding our trans-pacific flight, we spent 2 hours in a crowded United club in PHL followed by an excruciatingly-delayed flight to Toronto.

All due to heavy thunderstorms, first in Philly then in Toronto.

We landed 30 minutes before our connecting flight was scheduled to take off, so we sprinted through  immigration, customs and to the far end of the airport only to find the doors had just been closed and they wouldn’t board us. As it was, the flight was delayed by 90 minutes, so they could have really boarded us, but, by then, we were rebooked and put up in a hotel.

So, here we are, 24 hours later, sitting in a luxurious Air Canada club and waiting for our departure.

The only good thing is that this is a working trip rather than a vacation. So, a day spent working in Toronto vs working in Melbourne was no big trade-off.

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Down(under) We Go

Melbourne, Australia

We’re headed “down under” and on quite an adventure. Robyn needs to go to Melbourne for some business and I’ve decided to tag along and “carry her bags”. Actually, I’m going to be her traveling chef 😉

We’ve booked ourselves on Air Canada from PHL-YYZ-YVR-SYD-MEL and back on the same route. Total travel time down is almost 31 hours not counting travel time to PHL and from MEL. So it will be interesting.

 All times EDT







5/3/2012 15:45

5/3/2012 17:10





5/3/2012 20:25

5/4/2012 1:13





5/4/2012 2:45

5/4/2012 18:15





5/4/2012 21:00

5/4/2012 22:35




But, the cool thing is that we are in business class with fully reclining seats.

AC Business Class

So we’ll get to sleep pretty well on the way down (and back), hopefully eliminating some jet lag.

We’ll post pix and news as we go, but pretty excited. I haven’t been to Australia since 1989 and I’m looking forward to going back to some of my old stomping grounds and seeing how things have changed.

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Springing into Summer

We’re enjoying a quiet weekend at the Lake. With all of the significant dates from mid-March through mid-April it is a time of reflection.

We’re also planning our summer up here and looking forward to spending some more time, with some 3-day weekends as well as a week in July. We’ll have holiday parties and the annual Timmerman golf-outing.

My brother Bob is getting married in August and we’re looking forward to spending some time in Cleveland with our family there to celebrate this new phase of his life.

So, looking forward to seeing you all for another summer at the Lake.

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Webcam at Fisherspoint

Check out our new webcam at Fisherspoint. When prompted type in “guest” without the quotes and with no password.

Here’s a shot from 3/22 showing someone out boating. I think it must have been in the 70’s in CNY that day. Crazy weather.

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Remembering 9/11

It was a beautiful sunny morning. That’s how most people remember it. But my 9/11 was on a Saturday, 3 years after yours.

That was the day  I laid my son down for his final rest.

In that grief I can feel the grief of others who lost their loved ones on 9/11 and every other day. And as we begin our 10-year reflection this morning I hope that we remember not only the 2,819 people who were killed directly in the attacks, but also the

and all of their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Perhaps we can also reflect on whether our approach to combating our foes is truly the best for both us and the rest of the world.

Does this use of force, both overt and clandestine, represent the best we have to offer in dealing with an enemy? Does it leave our society improved in any way? Does it reflect our values?

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The new home of Fisherspoint on the web

This is the new home of Fisherspoint on the web and we’ll start to build it out over the coming weeks.

Thanks for coming by and stay tuned for more.

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