Toronto, not Melbourne


Toronto, not Melbourne

Well, we thought by now we would be on approach to Sydney and then connecting to Melbourne. Unfortunately, yesterday did not go so well.

We got to the airport on time but, instead of jumping up to Toronto and having a nice leisurely dinner before boarding our trans-pacific flight, we spent 2 hours in a crowded United club in PHL followed by an excruciatingly-delayed flight to Toronto.

All due to heavy thunderstorms, first in Philly then in Toronto.

We landed 30 minutes before our connecting flight was scheduled to take off, so we sprinted through  immigration, customs and to the far end of the airport only to find the doors had just been closed and they wouldn’t board us. As it was, the flight was delayed by 90 minutes, so they could have really boarded us, but, by then, we were rebooked and put up in a hotel.

So, here we are, 24 hours later, sitting in a luxurious Air Canada club and waiting for our departure.

The only good thing is that this is a working trip rather than a vacation. So, a day spent working in Toronto vs working in Melbourne was no big trade-off.

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